Biting the Bullet with Burlesque

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Saturday 17th February 2018. Valentine’s week-end. Is there honestly a better time to watch NTU Tigerlilies Burlesque Troupe perform, along with BCU Burlesque, Burlesque Society UEA, and Lady Burlesque of Nottingham? The correct answer, ladies and gentlemen, is… no. The glamour and sophistication oozed out of the angels on stage leaving the crowd wild with awe. Boasting both solo and group performances at Pryzm Nightclub Nottingham, every performer offered a sensual show of what burlesque is all about. After practicing and performing with the Trent girls I can safely say a lot of time and effort goes into these shows as well as a mind boggling array of emotions: excitement, nerves, self-doubt, self-love, pride, and finally, relief.


It is obvious to me after having performed once that in order to allow yourself to be completely vulnerable on stage, literally stripped of any protection or shield, you must first reach your ‘fuck it’ moment. The stage in your life where you embrace the fear and instead feel complete ease, because you’ve acknowledged that actually, yes, I could look like a complete tit, but I’m OK with that. I remember the realisation as it hit me, and the frustration after it was over. What do I do now?


Burlesque has influenced my emotions in such a dramatic way. The mirror is no longer an enemy, but a friend an acquaintance. Your fellow performers, despite the screaming crowd, are your biggest fans. And such a thought really does put your mind at ease. The usual tricks like imagining the audience in their underpants doesn’t have the same effect, because then we’d all be in underpants, and what would be the point in our show?

Although Burlesque is a very niche hobby and career, it is certainly one worth considering if you are thinking about joining a society at university or maybe just fancy a new hobby that involves being sexy. It is a gateway to embracing others’ ‘fuck it’ moments as well as realising your own worth. Whilst burlesque beams the height of glamour, it also helps mould you as a person through accepting both your shape and your sensuality.

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We are lucky enough as a society to be able to support amazing charities whilst doing what we love. Our fabulous Valentease Show supported The Broxtowe Women’s Project Ltd. and we are immensely proud of the money and awareness we have provided for this brilliant charity that supports women suffering from domestic abuse.


This show embraces each person for the sensual being they are and attempts to encourage everybody involved, whether that be on-stage or in the audience to do the same. Thank you to all those who came to support the performers in Pryzm Nightclub Nottingham and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Keep your eyes peeled for another show soon, and I sincerely hope you, you reading this, reaches one of many ‘fuck it’ points in your life. Life is just a giggle- bite your bullet.

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